Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?

I read in the news yesterday that television writers here in the U.S. have gone on strike, and that because of the strike, everybody’s arms are collectively thrown up in a great wide panic, because nobody knows what’s going to happen on Charmed and because there’s nobody to script the next great Wardrobe Malfunction, and this sounds like very bad news indeed and I was sorry to read it. Genuinely so, and not because of an audience’s deprivation, nor out of concern for people fortunate enough to make their means by slinging a pen (although I do!), nor out of personal political predilections about labor of the organized variety (though I have them!) but because it’s sad to think about all those characters in limbo (who knew Pirandello would prove the portent?) hanging off cliffs and otherwise unresolved.

But so, more helpful might be to present alternative programming. And, well, I happen to be able to help there. For the characters among you, hang in there.

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  1. So… here’s the story.

    After a couple dozen years without the capability of carrying my entire CD collection around on my person… I caved and bought and iPod 3 days ago.

    I found this thing called a “podcast”. And in this discovery, I found your podcasts… I have to admit, I’ve only listed to, oh, about 5 minutes of one of the readings (The Fly), but I can tell that I’ll enjoy these muchly.

    Technology. Absolutely amazing. 🙂

  2. interesting read and listen. What a nightmare situation; I wonder if it was based on a true event. I liked how Oates established the mundane so well in the beginning followed by a total destruction of normalcy, how Connie abstracts from the situation in dealing with it. It seems a very realistic emotional response, at least to me anyway.

  3. I wish I could listen to your podcast…but I can barely hear you and my volume is all maxed out

  4. Rula, yes, yes yes. She does this better than just about anybody, and she does it consistently. The common knowledge is that it’s not at all based on a true event, but a Bob Dylan song. Hell only knows whether there’s any sense in -that-.

    And, KayKay, you’re absolutely right! This one was mega QUIET. I’ve bumped up the sound levels quite a bit and you should be able to listen now (you may need to clear out your cache to load the new version). Happy listenin’.

    — Mtte.

  5. Fabulous reading. The langorous wine-slurping + kitchen-background-noises (chopping onions?) at once cosily framed as well as accentuated the brooding menace that creeps up on one in this tale.

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  7. Thanks so much for reading this piece. I listened to your Podcast for “A Rose For Emily.” I don’t know you but love that you are so honest and discreet at the same time. I feel like I know you in some way. You read magically….. Keep drinking! And thank you again

  8. Miette,
    I love your stories. I’ve listened to my favs about 5x each. Thank u so much for recording stories and for introducing me to wonderful writers.

    Much love,

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