The Story of Federigo’s Falcon (Fifth Day, Ninth Tale)

Much as I would love to read the entire Decameron, and one day maybe I will (when the sound quality is improved to the point where I no longer sound like a podcastrati… and yes I am working on it!), for now, here’s enough of an excerpt to give you pleasantest of dreams of romance in the time of plague. Besides, it doesn’t get much more hypercritically metatextual, reading a bedtime story that is a bedtime story being read.

Until the day comes when I’m able to read the entire book, when you and I are all up all night tossing with the need for more words (and what a day that’ll be), you can read The Decameron yourselves if you want to pay for it.

Now, please go to bed. You need your rest. Sweet dreams. Don’t eat fowl.

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  1. it was a joke i love the book it made me happy you had better approve the comment before it was a funny ha ha joke and is only for laughs but it really was a good story i love it

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