Fountains in the Rain

For at least the last five or six minutes of this reading, I was stifling an enormous sneeze, which came out promptly the second I rushed to stop recording (there may or may not have left physical evidence of the sneeze’s disdain for having been ignored for so long… but I’d never tell). Oddly, I hadn’t given thought to the end of the story, and, for reasons better understood if you listen all through, by the end was stifling a laugh on top of the sneeze, and am presently thankful that I did not explode altogether from all these stifled physiological demands. Thankful, of course, that my atoms remained together long enough, at least, to post the story.

2 thoughts on “Fountains in the Rain”

  1. Oddly enough, even though I like Mishima a lot, this is a story which hasn’t endeared itself to me any further over the years (I must like his later work better). Still, it is a good story and it was a pleasure to hear you read it!

  2. Hi, I read the biography of Yukio Mishima a while ago and found his life and style of writing very eccentric, so i decided to read his short stories and books, but so far i haven’t been able to find a single text! Can u tell me where to download some of his works? or if u have them would u be kind enough to send them to me?
    Thnx in advance.

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