The Mark on the Wall

“Nothing but spaces of light and dark…” these peripatetic obstacles of thought made connected. That’s the good stuff, Ginny, that’s the stuff that brings respite from daily restiveness and yes Virginia, this is scant a clause.

Mein Gott but after reading this you can’t help but mimic steal and emulate and force the insides of your own heads out in front of your eyes. Here’s a tip: listen while staring at your own walls, and don’t get flustered when your own mind wanders. Unless, of course, you’re listening because you’re writing an essay on prosodic patterning in podcasts, or the use of technology in oral storytelling of Virginia Woolf. Then you should pay attention, for god’s sake, and if you can’t, what’s WRONG with you?

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  1. i tried to listen to it but it just sounds like a mouse in distress… maybe it’s cos i’m using firefox? anyway, i will try again another time. good night.

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