The Boarding House

Happy Bloomsday!

If your house is at all like mine (and let’s hope it’s not, let’s hope it’s, in fact, very little like mine, with the tangerine walls and the petting zoo and the flora and god knows what sort of fauna hidden in the balls of hair BUT), tonight you will not sleep at all, as you lie awake waiting up watching the clock tick down to Bloomsday morning and what might be waiting for you in your stockings. I, for one, have been very good all year, what with all the podcasting, and am expecting the Bloomsday elves to acknowledge this as fact.

A rare exercise in linkage for those new to Bloomsday festivities:

Wikipedia entry on Bloomsday

What I consider the definitive site on all online Bloomsday cheer.

For those in New York, you can listen to Bloomsday on Broadway on the radio or spend lots of money on tickets to watch those (much more adept at reading than your Miette) read it to you. Or maybe you’d rather listen online

The short of it, for those who can’t be bothered to follow links: listen to Joyce and drink an awful lot today.

This from Dubliners:

3 thoughts on “The Boarding House”

  1. I tried listening to a couple of your mp3 files and they all had a strange noise in the background, possibly some sort of digital recording artifact. Since the recurrent noise is very distracting, I gave up on subscribing to your podcast feed; but I otherwise liked the content.

    I played your mp3 files on MS Windows Media Player 9, on which all other mp3 podcasts I listen to sound fine. What’s the problem? Do others complain of the same thing?

    I wish this background noise problem could be solved. Do you hear the same noise? Is it in ALL your podcasts?

    — Herb

  2. egad. Sorry for the pops and cracks (maybe if you close your eyes it sounds like an old LP?) — sometimes I’m able to control them, and I’m finally heeding requests of listeners to do something about it, despite my wont for, you know, notech. Do try again tomorrow; here’s hoping.

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