The Country Doctor

Too. Hot. To. Type. But I leave you a nice. Long. One.

Triviatum: This from a college short story anthology, with notations, footnotes, the works. There’s one worth noting– when the doctor reveals his Christian name, ‘Trifon,’ we see footnote #10, which reads:

Trifon is roughly the equivalent of “Cuthbert.”

So I’ve learned something new today, and I hope you did too.

2 thoughts on “The Country Doctor”

  1. Great story! Turgenev’s stories are so empathetic. I noticed you said you got this story from an anthology. I am currently reading Turgenev’s “Sketches from a Hunter’s Album” which includes this story. It’s a book of linked-short-stories (probably the first), and if you haven’t read it yet, Miette, I highly recommend it! Every story so far has been amazing.

  2. I don’t know this anthology, but I should… a thousand thanks for the tip. I’ve absolutely loved On the Eve and Fathers and Sons, and chose to read the short fiction here based on those. I’ll check it out and report back.

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