Monkey Business

A secret: Endurance Reading is nothing new for Miette. She’s participated in marathon readings of epic Greek poetry, she stays up on Bloomsday and reads along, she reads you Dostoevsky five straight nights, no sweat off her permanently furrowed brow, not your Miette, no how. But even Miette has her limits, and this one, clocking in over forty minutes, is the podcastilian equivalent of sand blown in the eyes of those limits. All for little monkeys and all their business. Now excuse me while I wrench this fleck of sand from my head.

3 thoughts on “Monkey Business”

  1. hey miette, just to let you know, of all my (considerable since librivox invaded my life) audiolit podcast listening, I rate you the top in the field. Especially when the trucks roll by!

  2. Thanks, Hugh– Librivox is going to change the world, just you wait and see. It’s a good thing you’re doing.

    As far as the trucks, my next podcast site is going to be called Miette’s Creative and Diverse Use of Swear Words at 4AM When The Trucks Won’t Shut The Hell Up. You think anyone would listen?

  3. actually I listened to about 4 of your stories in a row while walking home from the library the other day (I meant to take the metro, but got caught up in daudet and then dreams of a ridiculous man)…and the best part was when you lost your place and said, “shit”…don’t think any computer-generated robot voices would do that! keep up the wonderful work (and superb selections).

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