The Winter Journey (Le Voyage D’Hiver)

It’s been a long week Au Pays De Miette, signified, I suppose, by the fact that we’ve gone quite a few days without a new podcast. And to complicate things, I’ve just posted a new one which, like the Fante or the Murdoch or the Dostoevsky, is close to my cuffs. That is to say (if you’re keeping tabs of my most loved writers to build Miette’s Book Recommendation Engine (and of course you are!)) that Perec makes my heart skip along to the rhythm of a 9th-grade-drumline, which is to say, the rhythm of irrhythmically loud. Which is all a long and lame excuse for the rushed and/or sloppy reading: I love Perec, see, and so my heart was beating too loudly for my mouth to have any say in the matter.

4 thoughts on “The Winter Journey (Le Voyage D’Hiver)”

  1. Miette (and fellow listeners):

    You might want to head over to
    (to the Australia Broadcasting Corporation) to download an interesting 12.9 MB MP3 file entitled…Writing on the Mind – the power of story telling.
    Synopsis: What is the narrative of our lives – and can we influence the way our story is told? Michael White is a psychologist and therapist who in the 1970s co-founded the internationally successful therapeutic technique known as Narrative Therapy. Barbara Brooks is a memoir writer, biographer, and lecturer in life writing. ******Miette, before I head off to my bed and listen to a story you have read- I want to thank you so very much for putting such a wonderful resource, online for us short story lovers… I have dozens and dozens of paperbacks (and hardbacks) of short stories, from all over the world, many old, some new, covering the everyday lives of people, places and things as well as mind expanding SF. Maybe oneday I too will find the courage to read them aloud, as you do.

    Keep up the EXCELLENT work,


  2. miette, thank you so much for all of your readings – just a quick request. this file cuts out before the end of the story, and i do so want to know how it finishes (“the other three hundred and ninety two pages were [something]…”).

  3. Dear Mme. Miette, if I may request a story not already in your podcast ology, I have had a lifelong affection for “The ransom of Red Chief” by O. Henry, since reading it for a class assignment in year 7 back in 1965.

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