A Tree * A Rock * A Cloud

Remember the early days, when this was entirely scrappy, when you sometimes heard the dog or the bus passing by or the pins drop (for pins do drop in my house of chaos) more than you heard the reading? Those were the days, eh? Then, a couple of months ago, we upgraded the microphone and suddenly, you heard the voice. Clearer. At that was it, I’d promised myself. This Will Not Be A Compulsion.

And so today, with this podcast, I introduce Much Better Software, with features that include several bars representing channels and things, and those bars, while I’m reading, they move with my voice, which indicates something marginally more sophisticated than I’ll ever admit to knowing about.

Does it sound any better? Maybe a little? Maybe compression ruins the clarity that I tried so hard to achieve? There’s much podcasting fun to come, requests here (and if you have a request, send it), promises to friends to be fulfilled there. But who wants to hear all this? Point is: Miette’s Bedtime Story Podcast Now Features Sliding Bar Recording Software! What’s next a jingle??

(One can hope)

4 thoughts on “A Tree * A Rock * A Cloud”

  1. I prefer the crisp, clear sound, despite the background sounds… It sounds a bit muffled, to me. Like talking on a digital cell phone. Not ideal. Sorry 🙁

    Keep up the great story readings. I can’t sleep without it now 🙂


  2. It wasn’t clear before, I think. The new mic sounds “muffled” to me. The old one sounds crisp, clear, even if it picks up some background stuff.


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