Well, I didn’t think I’d pull this off. A particularly invidious houseguest in the form of streptococcal has left my coccyx surprisingly unscatched, but the pharynx, well, I don’t recall gargling with rusted staples after my razorblade dinner, but gosh it hurts in there. And so here I sit, throatily challenged to forego my Saturday podcast, but, compulsive as I am, couldn’t stand the thought. And so, after finding the shortest Miette-worthy pod to cast today, I quickly numbed it up with a half pint of raspberry sorbet, then before the anaesthetic thawed, raced through Paley. If I take another bite of sorbet I might even be able to screech out a final whew, but otherwise, for today, that’s all she wrote.

5 thoughts on “Wants”

  1. Hi Miette,

    I just wanted to thank you for the charming stories that I have been finding so delightful at bedtime. I did want to offer a suggestion, though. I read recently that if you use a headset mike and position it next to your nose, pointing down toward your mouth, you will eliminate the popping associated with p’s and b’s, and also breathing noise (although I don’t hear much of that during your readings). Just a suggestion and thank you again.

    I hope you feel better soon. Have a nice day,


  2. Thanks Jeff– I actually learnt a tip from the people at Librivox, and it seemed to work; it’s quite similar to what you suggest. I think I was simply in less-than-top-form, and forgot to apply the magic touch. I’m working on eliminating those pops, and the last thing I want to do is cause your eardrums to rupture.

    Actually, there are other things I also would consider The Last Thing I Want To Do. Plenty of things I would be fervently opposed to the thought of doing. But bursting your eardrums is up there. I promise.

    Glad you’re enjoying the stories… I’ll keep your eardrums in mind, in sickness and in health.

  3. i like this
    it really shows a great deal of dought
    in the writers mind and confusion too at
    the beginning of the story but at the end
    she realises what she really wants

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