Camera Obscura

I’ve just spent the past hour editing down today’s podcast while witnessing the almost compulsive bathing, brushing, trimming, grooming, and otherwise torturing my beast by someone who claims to enjoy this sort of thing. Really, it was a sort of dayspa pampering that I myself have never experienced. And, as a rule, the beasts who share my environs also share my lifestyle (more or less; I mean, I pay the rent), which means that, while I throw a bucket of water on the beast every once in a while (when she gets so covered in filth that I have to remind myself what species she is), she certainly hasn’t experienced any of this sort of treatment.

And you know, I never thought it would happen, but I’m actually a little jealous, surprisingly enough. All the indulgent coddling, the massaging fingers running through the hair, the relaxing aromatherapeutic lavenders… why am I not a part of this??

I’ve decided that tomorrow, then, I will personally treat her to a pedicure and an exfoliating facial. Then we’ll be even.

(For Pablo in Argentina (thank you for possibly the kindest email ever sent this way…))

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  1. Thanks very much for this story. I just read that the Argentine director María Victoria Menis is currently securing funding for a movie adaptation, so I looked up the story online, and I’ll be very interested to hear it!

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