The Boy Who Drew Cats

I packaged up, compressed, and uploaded today’s episode before discovering that I had inadvertently mentioned the brand name of a popular consumer product in the few introductory seconds before the story starts, so I thought it might be wise for me to insert a little disclaimer, for the sake of my legal hide. Here goes:

Please let it be known that what you have heard (or will be hearing) is not the consequence of product placement– after all, I don’t think a company would pay me to say that its product was made from pigs’ lips, or whatever I said. And along those lines, please let it be known that the product is not really made from pigs’ lips (or at least, I don’t think it is). It was a figure of speech, not meant to be taken seriously as indicator of the product’s ingredients, and not even my guess as to the product’s ingredients. In fact, please note that I have no opinion of that product whatsoever, and would never encourage, nor discourage, its consumption.


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  1. What’s the difference between a retelling and plagiarism, I wonder? Here’s a thought: what what if all fiction had to have footnotes?

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