An Attempt at Reform

We all have those odd things that happen to us more often than we might owe to nature or coincidence. Some people find themselves on their fourth marriage to a fourth guy named Mario*; it happens. For me, that thing is the ceilings. In my apartments. That seem to have a difficult time staying above my head. I’ve gone through three in less than two years– three times the sky has fallen (and this is not in the same place! We’re talking about different ceilings in different buildings!. So, I turn to you for advice: what’s it mean? Is someone trying to tell me something? What? How do I get in touch with that entity, ask to be a little subtler with the message? Should I just invest in a good helmet?

You know what we need to ponder questions such as these? That’s right– a little Strindberg.

* I have never been married to a guy named Mario, but I wouldn’t rule it out. Which is just a disclaimered way of saying I have nothing “against” the name Mario; it was just an example. Marios are great. Honestly.

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  1. “their meeting was like a new experience which never grew stable. Uh, stale. (hows that for a slip?)”

    hows that for a classic miette moment? classic, miette, classic.

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