Maybe I’m obsessing a little over the idea of tissue cultures, but I can’t help it – it’s my personality. But tissue culture and bedtime stories, of course! It takes me back to when I first discovered I could put the -expensive- mustard on my tofupups: prior to the discovery, it seems inconceivable, then suddenly nothing short of self-evident. And I’m being serious– how great that tissues are being cultured while being… cultured (I know. Please somebody, send me the Idiot’s Guide to Self-Restraint).

Is it like playing Mozart (or is it Brahms) to your unborn child? And do we know if tissues that are cultured while listening to literature podcasts turn out to be overachieving supertissues in much the same way? Have I revealed a consummate ignorance on tissue cultures yet, or mentioned that this is about the coolest thing I’ve heard of someone doing while listening to a podcast? And that the enthusiasm is sincere (though admittedly, maybe in part due to that ignorance I keep going on about?) Anyhow.

[*eh, you might be completely confounded over the nature of this little manic rave– see these comments or just listen:

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  1. I listen at work, which is probably pretty mundane of a place to listen, but one of the perks of being a graphic designer. I can fill my days with countless podcast imparting wisdom.

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