The Lord Chandos Letter

Allow me now to guide you most gently out of the first week of July: those of you in America, lie on your side and listen quietly, finding pause only to burp out the last taste of your hotdogmatic overindulgences. Just focus on the voice — the beer is two days old and will make its way to the outer side of your pores eventually, I promise — and let me repeat — you are NOT going to always feel this way. And the ringing in your ears? It can’t possibly last much longer. And you really shouldn’t have eaten so much potato salad. But listen up; it’ll be okay.

Exceptional request, absolutely and with much pleasure:

3 thoughts on “The Lord Chandos Letter”

  1. Well, it’s not yer mother’s translation (nor Rotenberg’s at that)…

    Now, who will earn my enduring admiration and gratitude and send me a reading in German? Thanks to the unadulterated power of server logs, I’m sure there are natives among us:

    Lord Chandos Letter in German

  2. Indeed! Whose translation is it? It sounds pretty damn literal. I mean, Nabokov’s “Onegin” literal. It adds to the swirling vortex effect of the story…but it also adds to the length!

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