The Lottery Ticket

Is there anybody out there who has a cure for acute compulsion? The thought had entered my mind that I had very little knowledge of tonight’s author, and that, further, I was quite curious to know what he looked like. And, given the tendency toward googlification of the nubs of my fingers, this curiosity was one that I felt compelled to satisfy.

But it wasn’t easy! There’s surprisingly little to be found, even less in English, which meant there was even more legwork involved on this end to satisfy my personalitic, and now, snapping out of the fury, I regretfully inform you that a few minutes has become two hours. Admittedly, I do know marginally more than I did (whew), and behold!

So, self-satisfaction aside, who can tell me how to quell the urge to googliate everything that dares to cross the mind? Surely I’m not alone with this problem. Is this what they call a Cry For Help?

3 thoughts on “The Lottery Ticket”

  1. There’s no cure for google addiction, nor is there any cure for wikipedia addiction or compulsive flirtation with odd internet women.
    Speaking of which, how might we (your adoring listeners) find out what Miette looks like? 😀

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