The Five Boons of Life

My friends and compeers and heroes at Librivox are celebrating their first birthday right now, and so I felt it necessary to add my kudos to their basic first-year achivements:

— cutting teeth on Conrad and Dostoevsky
— picking up the necessities of verbal communication with Wilde and Wodehouse
— and now, sleeping in Big Kids Bed and breaking themselves from thumbsucking thanks to Descartes and Machiavelli.

Really, they do what I do here, only without so much swearing, and with a little more patience. Go wish them the best birthday to-date, as I do, from this humble squat of senescence. Here’s to toddling!

2 thoughts on “The Five Boons of Life”

  1. Hiya, Blossom. I have listened to this story three times just to hear your mellifluous take on the work “poncho”, a word I find exceptionally funny for no apparent reason.

    Have sent you a little box yesterday, after doing considerable battle with the Formidable Lady Post Office Clerk who in the end was offered everything in my pockets including the lint and used bus tickets. She let me live, thank god. Thanks for the lovely story.

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