A caveat for you listeners. Hell, a full-out warning: this is a long one, today’s story, long and, dare I say it, a little dark, and not in the “change the bulb” sort of way. Which is just my way of saying to you: this is not a first-date sort of story, really not, and it’s probably not an endorphinator to be enjoyed on the treadmill. It’s more a story, for you know, rainy nights and whiskey, or something to fill a long silence of a spat with friends or loved ones, or to drown out the sound of a dental drill.

I wonder if anybody’s ever developed Disdain By Association for these stories thanks to listening at the dentist.

3 thoughts on “Everything”

  1. Hi, Miette. This isn’t a text for the comment but an offer- I heard on previous podcasts you mention considering guest readers. If you are still considering this I would love to submit a recording of a story, as I’m sure would other fans of the podcasts.

  2. Wonderful, yes: you read to me for a change, a brilliant idea, and I can’t wait to hear what you come up with. Check the archives if you care about duplicates (I mean, don’t feel confined to that which hasn’t been read or anything).

    — mtte.

  3. I can totally be misinterpreting this story, but it seems that the speaker is too analytical with his child and not emotional. He looks at his child with scientific lenses rather than parental lenses.

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