From the Mouths of Buildings

A message from the author of today’s story:Do you ever wonder as you are reading a story, or hearing one, such as on a podcast, for example, what or whom has inspired a particular story? Picture this: imaginary “directions” or “instructions” for a story that the author creates– after the story has been written–or told. Imagine that these “directives” led to this story–which in actuality they did not–well at least the author had no idea of any directives of any sort when the story came into being.For example, consider these “directions” for the story which is about to be told: “Develop and cultivate some awful but real fear of some possible real things. This cannot be a fear of imaginary or fantasy things. You could use, as an example, the fear of things falling from windows of buildings. Expand this fear majestically, as you wish. (Optional: cowering is permitted–but this must be real cowering as opposed to symbolical.) Good luck!– Carl Krampf

3 thoughts on “From the Mouths of Buildings”

  1. Miette, I’ve been on your new site for an hour now, just clicking around and looking at your new photos and all the authors. How could you do this to me?

    I love both stories by this guy, and you seem to know him. I can’t find any books by him. Does he publish in magazines? I’d love to learn more. Can you request a little information from him? Fans of him (and you!) want to know!

  2. Thanks, calder. I’m glad you like my stories, and it’s great to have fans! Thus far, I’ve had two of my stories published in “Innovative Fiction”–a book now out of print and only available “used.” I’ve had a bunch of other stories published in university literary journals(not available). Currently in search of a publisher for “collected works” (many of them as yet unpublished) . Great to get your feedback, calder. Carl

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