Of Angleworms and Others

So it’s summer right now, if you’re with me hemispherically. Although if you were to zoom in a little closer you’d see that in some places, we’re tying up that chapter, it’s cooling down, and that means it’s time to read you some Tove Jansson.

Now, I was going to read you something from the Moomins, but it’s not quite as charming when removed from the illustrations of big Moomin innocently bent-over butts. Or rather, it’s just as charming, but I’m hopelessly unable to convey Moomin-butt-drawing charm by voice alone.

And besides, the Summer Book is pretty archetypal for changing-tree times. As much as bonfires and maybe as much as the Shrimp Song that Townes van Zandt sang. Any other absolutely perfect end-of-summer stories? I’m in a wood-fire mood.

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  1. Miette,
    I have listened and love all of the stories you have read. But this one made me weep, it was so perfectly delivered. To put it in context for your listeners who don’t know, The Summer Book is a series of stories about Sophia, who’s mother has recently died, and her grandmother, as they spend the summer on a small family island off the Finnish coast. This story, particularly, is Sophia’s way of coming to terms with the death of her mother. It’s hilarious and innocent and tragic, and you read it brilliantly.
    Monkey’s Uncle

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