The Orchard

If you’re reading this before listening to the podcast… and you know, I have no idea whether you read or listen first, or if you just read, or just listen, and find yourself lost on those rare occurrences where I can hold a thought long enough to prattle BOTH orally and epistolarily about it… but anyway, if you are, reading, and you also listen (but haven’t yet), and you’ve followed all this so far, then I’ll have to announce to you that, thanks to an email from an intrepid and observant listener (and/or reader; I don’t know), it has come to my attention that there aren’t enough Canadian authors represented here.

Now, when this was first revealed to me, my knee started jerking and I impulsively wanted to hurl out BUT WHAT ABOUT Mavis Gallant! And Morley Callaghan!! But then I realized… that’s two names out of a BUNCH, and it’s about time I do something about it. And so, welcome to Canadian Short Fiction Month… yes, beginning almost half a month behind.

For starters, I thought Mr J’s lovely comment deserved another school-age-worthy meditation courtesy of Ernest Buckler.

And next? Send me the Canadian authors you’d have me read, and I’ll see how many I can get in. And if there are other groups under-represented, you should send them too. You can leave a comment, as always, or email me at miette (@) miettecast (.) com. The more you send, the more I’ll try to read this month, even with a throat full of (audibly detectable?) mucus. Deal? For Canada!

4 thoughts on “The Orchard”

  1. Amazing reading! I forgot all about this story until you posted it. Thank you so much!!! You’re still doing short lengthed stories. If you are still in that frame of mind, perhaps “A Small, Good Thing” By Raymond Carver soon?

  2. I will read more Raymond Carver one of these days, Eddie– honest. “Soon” is a little relative, but I’ll see what I can whip up after I’ve had my fill of the Canadians. Thanks for listening.

  3. I really enjoy the Canadian readings! Thank you so much for exposing us to think they are nothing more than “Hockey, the looney, and a dangerous league of football.” Thanks for your response, I feel EXTREMELY special and look forward to your next steps into the Canadian Sheild of authors!

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