Three Letters… and a Footnote

This is on the lighter end of Horacio Quiroga’s stories, which (of those I’ve read) tend to have more to do with death and desolation than the streetcar indiscretions we’ve got here. But it’s March, and I’m springing forward and bringing you with me, merrily because there’s no unsightly wad of money in our pockets to weigh us down, by hook or by crook.

Which is just to say, the best way to enjoy this one is on the portable music player of your choice, while skipping through a jasmine field with a ribbon in your hair.

9 thoughts on “Three Letters… and a Footnote”

  1. I see from your archives we missed your anniversary. Happy fifth birthday Miette! I wish I could make you a chocolate cake.

  2. Happy fifth birthday, Miette! I’m sure I speak for many of your audience in saying thanks for all the years of your wondrous and inspired readings. And special thanks for your intros which always interest me and thrill me as much as the works you read! One of your devoted and truly grateful listeners!!

  3. Thanks for the anniversary wishes, and I’m so glad you’re still around and listening Carl! Hope the writing and springtime are going wondrously. I should read another of your stories soon.

  4. Hi, I am a high school English teacher and would love to use the podcast for “Three Letters… and a Footnote” by Horacio Quiroga in my class but I can’t seem to get it to play. Is there any way I can get you to email me a file of the soundclip? I would very much appreciate it!

    Thanks, Casey Wohlers

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