The Burning City

Boy, I sure am all kinds of flushed with the Scandinavs these days. Maybe it’s my compassion for others plying their way through long cold winters, or maybe it’s my assertion that gravlaks is a flawless food, or maybe it’s just what they’re willing to pay for a beer is a most resonant sacrifice. Or maybe they’re just loaded with great writers. But if you had to lay a fresh twenty on what countries would sit atop Miette’s Trove of Literary Masters (and god knows you should let me in on such a bet were you to place one) you’d win big by betting all on Nordic.

On a not-unrelated-note, I’ve got these things called “tags” in place on this web site, which would have been a Real Big Deal about seven years ago, and which I’m just now getting around to. It’s not complete, but it allows you to do things like see all the Scandinavian stories I’ve read, and slap your forehead in disgust at how many more I need to read. I suppose this could be useful if you ever find yourself in a mood. Expect things to get interesting around here. Har det bra!

6 thoughts on “The Burning City”

  1. Thank you, Miette for presenting this lovely vignette — a small slice of life that could be from any culture.

    In this brief picture I was truly made to see the world from the mind of a child. Innocent, inquisitive and with eyes agape.

    A wonderful touch of life I would not have discovered on my own.

    Thank you once again.

  2. Yeah, I hate the sound of my own voice as much as the next girl, but I confess to listening to this one a couple of times myself, amazed at what Soderberg must have done stylistically to put childhood on paper like that.

    And just about everything makes me want to be a kid again. Except Hollywood. I’m mighty glad I don’t have to suffer through today’s movies for children.

    Which is a thought that makes me feel old. Which makes me want to be a kid again. Rinse, lather, repeat ad absurdum.

    Thanks for listening.
    — Mtte.

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