An Encounter

I’m so excited about Bloomsday that I’m sharing the love a day early this year. In fact, I was so excited that I almost went ahead and read all the stories from Dubliners that I haven’t yet done for you, but then it hit me that I’d have to move forward next year with my plan to do Ulysses in its entirety. And, well, I don’t know if I have the pipes for that yet. And I don’t know if you have the perseverance to listen to me indulge the Joyce itch. Because then I think, well, if I were to consider reading Ulysses, then what I really should do is find some balls and put them on the table (eh, proverbially) and read the Wake to you. And that’s just crazy thinking.

Meanwhile, Happy Bloomsday and here’s another from Dubliners.

8 thoughts on “An Encounter”

  1. you know what you got to do if something itches

    have a good scratch at it…………
    …………you ent no crazy lady………….

  2. Miette, you celebrated Bloomsday a day early–and I’m reacting a day late. But close enough–it’s all in the ball park, as it were–or maybe not. And whose park are we talking about anyway –and whose balls indeed! I wouldn’t mind at all hearing even a wee few pages (or many more if you so chose) of the Wake. Your intuitive and melodious reading manner makes everything you choose to bless us with always a pleasure!

  3. Ian, Carl, you’re making it difficult to resist…. I can’t promise I’d stop after a couple pages.

    And Carl, I -started- celebrating early, true, but I didn’t stop on the Eve: It was a certifiable Bloomsday Bender around these parts. Glad to hear from you– send me some writing! Feed me!

    xo to all.
    — Mtte.

  4. a p.s. I have never found anything about the Wake previously or beginning again…crazy- making. On the contrary, whether reading it silently to myself or reading it aloud to a live audience–as I did on one occasion in volunteering to read an assigned twenty pages each reader was given in a Wake marathon reading– I thoroughly enjoyed these Waking experiences. For me, the Irish accent came quite naturally–probably because of my extensive academic exposure to a whole slew of Irish Jesuits! But that slew is a whole other stew, and quite another story as well…

  5. Miette, as far as the writing, I promise!

    Happy belated Bloomsday to all!

    xo to all, as well.


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