I Stand Here Ironing

So I have this tendency, as you may have noticed, to take a sharp left at matters of personal divulgences, which is a difficult thing to pull off today, given the severity and somber-ity of a story like this one. But so, okay, here you go, three very revealing facts about my own self to accompany a story of introspect and plaintivity and other words existent and non-.

Number 1: I (your Miette) have never owned an iron. So god only knows if, in my delivery of tonight’s monologue, I am at all able to capture the sorts of things that go through a woman’s head while performing such an act.

Number 2: It is my opinion that “She blew shining bubbles of sound” is perhaps one of the finest phrases ever to be shucked from our language, and the fact that it exists in this narrative makes me think the entire thing’s worth another close listen by all of us.

Number 3: I’m not kidding in tonight’s blathery introduction about the naughty naked puppets, though I won’t tell you where people who get here by that route are being sent. Now, I suppose, they’ll just come here. I win!

Okay, your turn?

Enjoy a fine listen this actual autumn. I’ll yam at you next week with something fresh out of Canada, and I’ll bet money that you’ll love it.

5 thoughts on “I Stand Here Ironing”

  1. i think the phrase, “She blew shining bubbles of sound”, sums up perfectily, your wonderful delivery of these works…….and long may you continue

  2. I agree with above comment. Miette, your vocal delivery is shining–whether bubbles, waves, ripples, or whatever else describes the wonderful sounds you emit in your readings!

  3. I really want to be clever and maybe record a few minutes making raspberry- and burpy-noises. But I’m a little too humbled by the kindness of praise like this, and it’s all I can do to mumble a heartfelt “thanks” and look away before you spy me blushing.

  4. I love your reading of this wonderful story-I guess it is pretty much the only one of her works much read now-I posted on it on my blog yesterday and I suggested people read it first then listen to your podcast-thanks so much for your great efforts

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