In the Avu Observatory

A few days ago, I took a little trip to Toronto, where the jazz singers scat to sheet music, where wine is poured long before noon, and where the best booksellers refuse to serve the likes of me. While there, I spent a day in rooms full of brainy people as obsessive as I am about books and reading and great literature and using technology in the service of all these things. That’s right: me, your Miette, dropped down in the middle of Booknerdville. Must I even mention that it was terrific?

In the middle of all this, high on cold medicine in an open, hot, noisy college classroom, I set up all my equipment and made today’s audio book with a few of those people. Our makeshift recording studio was less than ideal, and I doled out narration assignments on the fly to whomever would take them. And, in addition to our room being ‘hot’ (both in room temperature and audio-wise), across the hall was another room full of laughing booklovers getting loaded on morning wine. So when you hear the occasional burst of drunken laughter in the background, that’s what it was. Drunk Torontans, courtesy (I hear), of this guy, and I don’t know what they were laughing at. If it’s anything like what I laugh at when I’m drunk at ten thirty in the morning, it was probably inappropriate.

Given those disclaimers, our recording came out not at all badly. And knowing that, I’d love for those of you who read to think of how it might come out if you’re recording where you’re comfortable (not to a room of people, and not a text you’d never seen, and not being pestered by the likes of me.) And, as I mentioned, shoot a note if you have any questions at all.

Many many many thanks to Victor, Ben, Mary, Ron, Jeevan, and Promod for reading with me– I had a blast and you all sound just lovely (and did I forget you? Please email me. And do you have a site or want a link? Also email me).

I hope you had anywhere near as much fun as I did.

8 thoughts on “In the Avu Observatory”

  1. BRAVO! … thank you Miette for sharing your craft and skills with us at BookCampTO10. I am honoured to be able to say I was there the day Miette came to town and showed us how… xo

  2. It was really too much fun. Next time I want to learn the basics of bookmaking & binding. I know a nice place in the middle of the woods where we can all learn…

    Thanks so much for coming and xoxo

  3. Wow Miette! You did magic with our voices!

    The story flows. You removed our imperfections and the extraneous sounds. We didn’t even have the benefit of a closed door.

    Thanks for teaching and inspiring us. Your session was the highlight of a great day (my summary

    PS We’re called “Torontonians” We haven’t enough sun for toronTANS … yet 🙂

  4. This was a wonderful experiment, I enjoyed it quite a bit, but I have to say, Miette, I missed your voice and look forward to the next entry.

    Please do have others read, it’s fun and will keep you from going crazy with our incessant requests.

  5. Oh, Oh! I know you’re TorontIANs, but you’ll always be Canadans to me. I’m awfully tempted to offer something punny, like “I’m leaving out the I until I’m one too.” But that’s too sweet.

    Mary, you can make it up by making recordings of your own stories? I’ll bet they’d read well….

    Eric & Deborah, wish you were there. My voice will return in its solitude next week.

    xo to all.

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