A few weeks ago, there was a hurricane that you might have read about (unless it blew a rock on top of you and you decided to live beneath it, in which case, my sympathies). During this hurricane, I was away on what was supposed to have been a Caribbean holiday of a few days, which turned into one of a few days plus a few days more plus a few bonus days. Not a bad way to ride out a storm, especially when one is stranded with a good book. Photographic evidence:

I returned to find great areas of my city in all kinds of shambles, but I have every confidence that readers of these pages are already doing what they can to help, so I won’t indulge in (much) proselytising.

Instead, I’ll swoonily admit that had I not been stranded on a Caribbean island with Familiar (BUY: AMZN, INDIEBOUND), I might’ve ended up parched with an atrophied and shriveled brain, wasted and prone to mirage. So you might say that we owe my health, and by extension this podcast, to that book.

So to celebrate, here’s a short piece by the same author, originally published in print by Salt Hill.

3 thoughts on “Strawberries”

  1. Miette! You should have seen the surprised and enchanted look on my face when your front page opened! The old website was great but I love the new even more!
    Oh and loved the story (chilling) …and the photo (Caribbean holiday looks sublime).

  2. Such a wonderfully warm and romantic podcast. I love the sounds of cars honking in the background or rain washing against the window. I love to hear Miette turn a page or gracefully correct herself. All these authentic little nuances, which would be edited out of most podcasts, make Miette’s Bedtime Podcast an instant treasured old friend. Thank you for doing this. x

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