Bunin, Ivan

The Primer of Love

8 of Miette’s 2006 Predictions for the New Year:

— I will really really do all those things I meant to do in 2005, including those things in 2005 I was really really going to do after neglecting in 2004.
— Ditto 2003.
— When thinking of these podcasts, I’ll follow at least three of the Dalai Lama’s instructions, and be better off for it. (Though that one about silence; I’m doubting I can do much with that one.)
— Oh, that one last thing from the 2002 list, I’ll do that too.
— Miette’s Bedtime Story Podcast will be noticed by the recording industry, complete a series of sold-out stadium tours, and have mashups produced interlacing these stories with the lyrics of dead rockstars. I will donate proceeds to libraries and digital audio archival efforts, and maybe have a little party.
— I will get around to satisfying the few outstanding story requests, and maybe even take new ones (leave requests in comments or email to miette (at) this domain).
— Miette’s Bedtime Story Empire will start Podcasting in 64 languages, then become the subject of a minor politics-or-drugs scandal which will only increase its popularity and prove its longevity.
— And maybe even this site will get a redesign.

Stay tuned, be happy and prosperous, and check back next year to see how much of this happens.

All the best,