Gill, Brendan

Truth or Consequences

After a week of muscle-burning manual work and long long drives, some of us settle in with a nice cold beer. For others– maybe like me, who’s to say — it takes more that that… way more, maybe, to relax muscles as sore as these and attempt to put together nerves which have been plucked to the bone. For that reason, perhaps it’s best to just shut up and read (if you’re me) or grab a beer and listen (if you’re you) and maybe write the Pulitzer committee about considering a Podcasting category.

And I should mention… I’m not much for promotion other than that of the Self, but those of you with an interest in the more overtly prurient might take a shine to the new podcast of my friend Mia (also worthwhile bedtime material), most subtly titled I Want Your Sex. And for those of you without an interest in the overtly prurient, well, don’t click there, ok?