Landolfi, Tommaso

Gogol’s Wife

There might be times when you’re reading the newspaper and you sit up straight and say to yourself something exuberantly monologic, such as “HOLD THE PHONE, this is ACTUAL news, I need to remember where I was when I read this, which is RIGHT HERE” and then you take a mental inventory and make sure that twenty or thirty years from now, you’ll remember? Or, say, you’ll be at the cinema, and these days if you’re at the cinema you’ll be watching a television commercial before the film, and the commercial will be advertising the DVD for the film you’re -about to see,- and the voiceover guy will say “and featuring exclusive commentary from the Lead Grip for the first time ever and you’ll almost want to go and get this DVD rather than stay and watch it in surround-o-sound? Or, even, Miette will read you a podcast and get so excited over what she’s reading that she can’t contain herself, and you walk away thinking she might be reading directly to YOU?

Welcome to one of those times, a sit-up-and-check-yourself, world-premiere, excitable Miettevent. Enjoy.