Renard, Jules

The Dark Lantern

As you know, there’s not much room on these pages for political soapboxing, both because there are already plenty of internet playgrounds for that sort of thing, and because I’d rather freestyle on such endlessly gripping topics as the weather or this podcast’s sound quality. However. I have an opinion that must be voiced. You know the centenarian who sits in the corner of your office, who doesn’t do much, but who’s generally innocuous, whose very presence is as critical to your environment as the cracks on the walls or the location of your printers? Or the old curmudgeon at your local bar, who’s never bothered to buy you a drink and wouldn’t dare shove over a stool to free up a space for you and your friends, but without whom you’d probably never go to that bar at all?

I’m sure by now you know what I’m talking about. And I’ll say this: I’m not going anywhere near that solar system again until you bring Pluto back. I mean it.

Until then, here is today’s story if you want to read it in French.