Rowe, Christopher

The Force Acting on the Displaced Body, Christopher Rowe

Are your toes frozen? I hope not. Especially if you’re as big of a pansy about the weather as I am.

Because the weather knows this about me and is a relentless jerk about this, my revenge is in the form of a seaside adventure story based largely on southern waters. Which is, admittedly, analogous to bringing double your milk money to school and handing one over freely to the big bully. But I don’t know how to kick the weather where it deserves to be kicked, so this is the best I can do. Enjoy it, and keep your toes warm-socked.

[n.b. OH, I’m sorry if you experience any sort of psychedelica presenting in the form of pounding headache or tinnitus when listening to this. I was playing around with a new audio setup, one which I may have to abandon if I can’t get the levels right. But, you know, this is indulgent geekery and hopefully it sounds OK to you.]

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