Ungeheuer, K.

The Rain Collector

Chances are, you’re going to listen to today’s podcast and think: “That’s it?” Or “maybe the audio file got cut off… I’m missing half the story!” Or “Miette’s such a lazy snot to pick such a short story.” But the truth is: I am lazy, it’s true, but that’s never stopped me in the past from reading much longer pieces, you know this! However, the next one, the very special one, is going to be among the longest ever podcasted, and I wanted to make sure you were ready and well-rested for it. Otherwise, well, it’d be like a twenty-mile run the day before a marathon, a bender in your wedding dress during the rehearsal dinner, blowing your diet the day before the final weigh-in, that sort of thing (and I think Alanis Morrissette made a song about this once, and if she didn’t and is reading, it’s all yours, madam). In short: I do it, this thing, this mighty short (intentionally short!) podcast because… well, because… because I CAN! Oof, I mean because I CARE!