Vian, Boris


I know, I know. It’s morning. Nowhere near your bedtime. You listen now and get all confused, expecting a glass of warm milk and sugarplum dreams, only to discover it’s ten in the morning and you’ve got to drag yourself to work. It’s just, well, Out Of The Ordinary that I’d be sending a story now. But Boris Vian. He’s an Out Of The Ordinary sort of guy, and I owe him out-of-the-ordinariness. And if that’s a weak argument, I’ll just say that it’s about time we let our listeners on the flip side of the world have a proper bedtime listen. Don’t you think?

Also, I should add: thanks to the wonders of technology (and the marvels of good taste), my friends at IncipitBlog offer a reading from Vian’s L’Arrache Coeur in its original French (in English: Heartsnatcher). Francophiles, francophones, and francophonicians take note.