Dream of a Ridiculous Man (5 of 5)

Why did Miette stall before posting the final chapter of Dostoevsky? Was she sad to have it end? Having second thoughts about finishing it? Did she lose her voice? Building suspense? No. I, Miette, was too occupied thinking of an excuse for not posting the final chapter of Dostoevsky to post the final chapter of Dostoevsky, which should give you some idea why this story appeals to me so. It’s as simple as that.

And if you didn’t get em all, you can find them here.

How’s that?

1 thought on “Dream of a Ridiculous Man (5 of 5)”

  1. This is my favorite Miette production so far; I can’t even remember if I’d ever read this novella, really, a long time ago or not–because only now did I really appreciate it, and I must say the effect was genuinely moving. What a touching, all-too-human tale, read with obvious love. Thank you so much for bringing this important work (back?) into my life. You’re working wonders even if people aren’t saying so!

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