Dream of a Ridiculous Man (5 of 5)

Why did Miette stall before posting the final chapter of Dostoevsky? Was she sad to have it end? Having second thoughts about finishing it? Did she lose her voice? Building suspense? No. I, Miette, was too occupied thinking of an excuse for not posting the final chapter of Dostoevsky to post the final chapter of Dostoevsky,

Dream of a Ridiculous Man (4 of 5)

We’re nearing the end of this little mini-chronicle. Can you handle it? The few I’ve heard from have been most encouraging, but one must be careful with encomia before this turns quickly to Miette’s Bedtime Story Proustcast (and I’m only half kidding). For the rest of you, one more night, fess up, you love it.

Dream of a Ridiculous Man (3 of 5)

Still with me? Hope so– this is the turning point. The Dream. Quite possibly the best dream sequence committed to print, or at least the best committed to ridiculous Russian print. Nothing Ridiculous About It… excuse me while I contain my excitement.

Dream of a Ridiculous Man (2 of 5)

Yes, don’t be misled by what you hear in the opening seconds of tonight’s bedtime story. This was going to be chapters 2 and 3 (they’re short), but then from nowhere appeared a chainsaw, and who can podcast when the sun is out and the chainsaws are calling…

Dream of a Ridiculous Man (1 of 5)

Nothing says hither-springtime quite like the spin cycle of alienation, dispossession, malaise, apathy, and indifference! Perhaps it’s best to go for a long stroll in your nearest park, have a couple of classes of wodka, break your own heart and maybe a dish, and then listen?