Her Lover

In reality, we also are fallen folks, and, so far as I can see, very deeply fallen into the abyss of self-sufficiency and the conviction of our own superiority. But enough of this. It is all as old as the hills–so old that it is a shame to speak of it. Very old indeed–yes, that’s what it is!

Ahh, Maksim Gorky, Maxim Gorky, Maksim Gor’kii, Maxim Gorkii, Maksim Gorki, he’ll always be Aleksei Peshkov to me.

2 thoughts on “Her Lover”

  1. Hi Miette,
    I just discovered your Bedtime Stories today, and will be sure to listen to as many as possible in the next few days.
    Since you like storytelling sites, you may enjoy visiting “Mister Ron’s Basement” (http://slapcast.com/users/revry), my five-day-a-week exploration of funny stories in the public domain.

  2. Hi Miette,
    Love your voice
    Love your drama
    Love your accent
    Love your stories
    Keep ’em coming!

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