The Happy Prince

If anybody ever asks you if you’re a happy prince or a sparrow, you should be prepared with an answer: I tell you now, you never know when it might be asked of you. And it might. To prepare you for such a day is today’s podcast, and in helping you answer this question, it should now be obvious which I am.

(On the lengthy side so make a cuppa tea first!)

2 thoughts on “The Happy Prince”

  1. Just thought I should say thanks for your nice website.

    I remember listening to an English woman reading
    The Happy Prince when I was young. That was the time
    when I decided to learn British English, although in Japan
    the Egnlish language usually means American English.

    Thank you for giving me this happy time. Your reading
    has made me remember my childhood when I wished
    I would live my life like the little Swallow. Now I know
    my British dog Toby is more gentleman than me.

  2. my son’s middle name is oscar. my wife and i listened to your reading of the happy prince (on my suggestion and her first time) on our way to NYC and we both cried. it was an unforgettable bonding experience for the both of us when we looked at each other with tears in our eyes. my son is being christened this weekend. his outfit has an embroidered swallow on his chest.

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