A Meeting

Oh boy, oh boy, guess who’s excited about tonight’s podcast?

It’s me, Miette– I’m excited, silly listener. You see, in the insuppressible excitement of putting books in boxes for an upcoming move, I found, surprisingly dust-free and hidden behind a small stack, a volume of Rilke prose! That’s right– this excites me. My move may be delayed, of course, as I had to STOP EVERYTHING and make sure this moment was immediately podcasted. You see how committed I am to you?

1 thought on “A Meeting”

  1. Miette,

    Are you available for interview? I’m an editor at The Book Standard (www.thebookstandard.com), and I’m talking to people who are doing podcasts of public domain books. My email address is above– let me know if you’ve got some time today (Mon, Sept. 12th) or tomorrow to talk.



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