An Unimportant Affair

Don’t let the title of tonight’s bedtime story deceive you… this is actually an affair of considerable importance. Consider, for example, the success that is XBox. Or the X-Men. Or X-Treme Sports, for that matters. And the importance of X as a roman numeral. Or X as a universal icon of the unknown. And if you found the point marked X on a treasure map, well then, it would be a very important affair indeed. Or… what if you were a tad compulsive about certain things, like, oh… I don’t know… say you had a podcast, and wanted an alphabetically complete archive of authors? And if you’d finally found your X, wouldn’t you just be Xtatic, at least, if you were typing out the word in cellphone shorthand? Yes, I’ll bet you would.

4 thoughts on “An Unimportant Affair”

  1. Just keep my secret well-guarded and close to your cuffs, yea? It could be worse, after all: it could be a POORLY TRIMMED biker moustache…

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