The Kiss

There are a few things that leave you so exhilarated, enchanted with simultaneous possession and dispossession, blown away punch-in-the-belly style by battles of bliss and bewilderment. It is these moments, precious listeners, that are boiling the bean this eve.

Podcasters and/or storytellers among you might be familiar with the feeling from the discovery of a new story, or from finding yourselves absolutely ensconced in it while you’re reading it, to the point where you forget you’re reading it until you look up from the last word to see the microphone in front of you. It’s the sort of experience whereby, if you’re from certain regions, you might let out an enthralling Oh My Gawd (optionally punctuated with “Y’all”).

But I don’t mean to be elitist! You don’t need to be a podcaster to know what I’m talking about… you might know it from an act of… say… oh, I don’t know… a good kiss, perhaps?

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  1. The loband versions have been fabulous, thank you! They sound the same to me as the regular mp3s. Hope you’re fully recovered from your illness.

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