Why I Transformed Myself Into a Nightingale

There’s this new higher-than-hightech device that’s now mine, intended to make my podcasts sound better for you, and while I’m not sure of its success rate at doing so, I do know that it’s got every kind of tech-sounding hypermegaphonics that should make it crisper than a blade of grass blowing in the wind in Surround Sound (do you know they really make those noises using cabbages! It’s the Magic of Hollywood!)

But okay: it’s got all this great stuff, my new headphone recording device, but probably most importantly, it’s… are you ready … it’s HANDS-FREE! Do you have any idea what this means to me?! I can sip tea, I can turn pages, I can smash a cabbage and create new sound-effects-driven worlds (I wouldn’t dare), and I’m afraid I’m going to start demanding that other things in my life are hands-free. I mean, they’re my hands, and for those minutes, they were truly and unequivocally free… FREE! I don’t claim to know much, but take it from me and free your own hands for a few minutes– it’s terrific.

1 thought on “Why I Transformed Myself Into a Nightingale”

  1. Miette:

    Have not been to your site in a wee while due to technical SNAFUs, here at my end!! I must say though, you have made some impressive leaps and bounds in your podcasting!!! I was pleased to see an archive. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!

    And- a B I G thank you… so very very much… for reading aloud!!

    xo Paulo

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