It Had To Be Murder (part 1)

I began scheming for the one hundredth podcast several weeks ago, thinking that I’d gather all the voices that were most important to me, personally and podcastionally, share the wealth and spread the love, and, let’s be honest, go soak on a beach in a land where all the drinks are pink, while all my friends hang out in the trenches of pops and hisses.

But what I got back from my various requests, at all sorts of sound levels and all levels of craziness (at least, auditorily speaking), a veritable catalogue of every variety of background buzz, white noise, and telephony thrum… well, it’s rather perfect (or so I think, and I’m the lord of this podcast, so that’s the law here.)

Of course, very few of my lovely readers have voices that might be mistaken for mine, but otherwise: there are glasses clinking, there are sirens, from time to time there’s an inner-ear-awakening pop, there’s a dog barking, and there’s even a classic Miette moment (patent-pending) of a lost-page expletive (thank you; it made my day). And while the unedited transitions between variance of white noise may be jarring, if you listen a little more closely, perhaps it will be for you like it is for me, approximating the feeling of being told a bedtime story by a dozen crazy uncles and aunts, the kind who let you watch horror movies and eat pancakes for dinner.

Alex, Ben, Dream, Heidi, Hugh, Jen, Marc, Miette, Philip, Scott, Sebastien, and Valerie’s Bedtime Story PodCAST

6 thoughts on “It Had To Be Murder (part 1)”

  1. Where did you find the story? I’ve been looking for it everywhere. The only copies I can order take months to ship internationally, which is far too long. is there somewhere on-line i can find the story to read?

  2. You didn’t leave contact information, but I’m sure I can help. Drop email to miette -at- enivrez -dot- com and I’ll, eh, hook you up, eh, wink, sniff, nod, elbow, etc?

  3. hello. i am adapting it had to be murder for a university project but i can’t get my hands on a copy of the text. the only ones i can find take absoloutley ages to post. is there somewhere on the internet where i can read it? please help stressed out student in need. thank you for your time. x

  4. Hi Miette,

    The podcast is great! I love bedtime stories…
    Is there any link where I can download “It had to be Murder” as an ebook? I have to write a paper about it this week for school, another one of those!!
    Thanks a lot,

    xXx Mimi

  5. I have been looking for this for ages. So hard to find but now I have it. THANKS HEAPS MATE


  6. Great story! After researching Hitchcock, Rear Window, and a variety of film topics, this podcast will certainly add to my collection of things to keep. Wouldn’t it be great to teach the story, listen to the podcast, and then watch Hitchcock’s film Rear Window? Do you plan on any other Woolrich podcasts?

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