It Had To Be Murder (part 2)

Yes, I have mighty big arms to give myself such a massive self-congratulatory bearhug, but, you know, I’m entitled, it’s my special day. And so, here are a couple of things I am considering for my next one hundred podcasts:

— podcast in Estonian
— serialise a novel (eh, a short one)
— go back to a very low-tech setup, maybe not using a microphone at all, maybe just screaming and telling you all to lean your heads out your windows at the same time.
— on-screen accompaniment of the text
— sell out commercially and insert product placement for leading beverage companies into the stories
— create an interpretive dance troupe based on the content of these podcasts

You see? We’ve so much distance yet to travel together. Fun!

This is PART TWO (part 1 below)

Valerie, Sebastien, Scott, Philip, Miette, Marc, Jen, Hugh, Heidi, Dream, Ben, and Alex’s Bedtime Story PodCAST.

8 thoughts on “It Had To Be Murder (part 2)”

  1. This was going so well–and then my own voice ruined everything! But, really, everything else about this was splendid, from the idea to the execution. Those other readers are so good, I am (a)shamed. Congratulations on your 100th, Miette. But what will you do for your 1,000th?

    If I ever see “Rear Window” again, I’ll be thinking of this podcast. Coincidentally, I found a whole stack of very cheap new paperbacks of Cornell Woolrich novels just this week, as well as an anthology which also had Mr. Woolrich in it. I wish you were here to read the entire lot to me…

  2. I’ve thought about what I’m going to do for my thousandth… maybe I’ll podcast while locked in a cube of ice suspended over the Thames, or something. Whatever it is, it -won’t- be something that requires that much editing, that’s for damned certain.

    And I don’t buy your self-effacement for a second, pal. Nice try. It sounded great.

  3. I looked all over the internet for a pdf of the short story for It Had to Be Murder so I could compare it to the movie Rear Window for a film class. I stumbled across your site, and started listening to your podcast, then found the pdf at the top and read along with the podcast. It made the story so much better hearing it from all different people. Awesome website!

  4. Glad you found it, Jakeg. So many people have written asking for it, and it’s so relatively hard to come by, and such a good read, that I couldn’t not put it online.

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