He Swung and He Missed

When you listen today, I will disclaim now, you will hear a boxing story. Not to be confused with the Clint Eastwood boxing story, or the other girlie fight boxing story, or the what’s-his-brutish-name-from-New-Zealand-with-the-attitude, not that one either. But when reading this boxing story (which again, is NOT one of those mentioned), I couldn’t help but feel incredibly provoked by it — which is possibly one reason these boxing stories are so compelling.

Basically, my dear friends, I was so charged during this reading, and especially during the play-by-play of the boxing match, that I discovered a latent desire from deep within my psyche. I want to be a sportscaster.

Don’t laugh; I don’t want to do it forever, not as metier, not as my life’s ambition. But once, for one match or game, of any sort. And so I offer you this as a service, free-of-charge: let me lend my voice to your son’s little league or your niece’s diving meet, and you’ll be satisfying a very real need for me. I’ll probably need a bit of coaching on the rules of the sport before we get started, but I’m a quick learner and a pro at “winging it.” If you’re in the area and can help, think about it. You’d be satisfying Miette’s most hidden desire — how much is that worth to you?

5 thoughts on “He Swung and He Missed”

  1. yip! yip, yip and bravo!
    Swinging and not missing, you drive the miettic, noetic bedtimeic pee-cast straight into the turnbuckle. Woman with the golden tone-arm from the shitty of big soldiers, you put the needle in the Algroove. Foam would tame the Plosives, methinks, but Praps you Prefer them. Thanks for your fantastic podcasts!!

  2. Miette, let me know if you get any complaints from Algren’s publisher about this. I will be launching my own podcast soon and would love to read Algren (my favorite writer) but haven’t heard back from the publisher yet on my request for permission.

  3. I just had the most incredible vision (read: hallucination) involving training boxers (or strongman fighters) listening to Shirley Jackson or Dostoevsky while thrashing punching bags. And it gave me chills. The good kind.

    Thanks for the links– I’m dead serious, and will keep you posted.

  4. can you please send me a copy of he swung and he missed by nelson algren? i need it for an assignment and i do not know where to find a copy… please… thank you so much…

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