Algren, Nelson

He Swung and He Missed

When you listen today, I will disclaim now, you will hear a boxing story. Not to be confused with the Clint Eastwood boxing story, or the other girlie fight boxing story, or the what’s-his-brutish-name-from-New-Zealand-with-the-attitude, not that one either. But when reading this boxing story (which again, is NOT one of those mentioned), I couldn’t help but feel incredibly provoked by it — which is possibly one reason these boxing stories are so compelling.

Basically, my dear friends, I was so charged during this reading, and especially during the play-by-play of the boxing match, that I discovered a latent desire from deep within my psyche. I want to be a sportscaster.

Don’t laugh; I don’t want to do it forever, not as metier, not as my life’s ambition. But once, for one match or game, of any sort. And so I offer you this as a service, free-of-charge: let me lend my voice to your son’s little league or your niece’s diving meet, and you’ll be satisfying a very real need for me. I’ll probably need a bit of coaching on the rules of the sport before we get started, but I’m a quick learner and a pro at “winging it.” If you’re in the area and can help, think about it. You’d be satisfying Miette’s most hidden desire — how much is that worth to you?