The Conjurer Made Off with the Dish

If this podcast was Miette’s Themetime Story Podcast, the theme of today’s story might be ‘coming-of-age,’ or it might be ‘how to make beans in Egypt,’ or maybe it’s ‘reverence,’ or perhaps it might be nothing more than ‘how to charm the socks right off of both feet of Miette.’ Outstanding questions, answers, and requests to come, but this first for evident reasons.

4 thoughts on “The Conjurer Made Off with the Dish”

  1. Thanks!
    There is a study aid for this story at
    I’m ambivalent about this kind of thing, but I thought the nextext info does add to the experience. Maybe you could read other short stories on the list…

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  2. Can i ask you a favor? do you have the complete text of “the grasshopper nad the bell cricket” by yasunari kawabata… I’m a nursing student from the Philippines and recently, we’re studying literature. I badly need it for our literary analysis but i just cant find it on the internet.

    Could you please help me out on this one?


    i need your relpy asap…
    many thanks!! (^_^)

  3. I have always loved this story. I always use it in my high school English classes. It goes well with a low-budget film made in my hometown of Milwaukee, WI called “Gettin’ Grown.”

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