Señor Payroll

There is a bottling facility close to where I live, and while “bottling facility” might look like elusive high-security stuff to the random passerby, between you and I, it’s best described as a warehouse for bottled beers.

This morning, while walking my dog past the top-secret bottling facility, a man driving a forklift full of cases of red stripe beer had evidently just taken a too-sharp turn, or landed in a pothole, or had been drinking too much of his cargo, because his forklift was parked and in front of it was a river of freshly flowing beer from freshly broken bottles. And while this might seem a good dream to many people, myself included sometimes, actually, it wasn’t the most satisfying pool to wade in at nine in the morning. I share this with you now only so that, in this regard at least, you might better separate the dream from the reality. So remember: a river of beer by any other name… isn’t easy on the olfactories.

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  1. Hi Miette,

    I am a regular listener of your podcast. I have to say i really like your choice of stories. But found my self chuckling at this one in particular. along with the one right before by naguib mahfouz. I really love the childish playfulness of the writers in these stories. Do keep up the good work. And let me know if you need any help 🙂


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