Except for the Sickness I’m Quite Healthy Now. You Can Believe That.

Nice title, right? In my efforts to knock your socks to obscurantist skies, I’m willing to offer a dollar to the first listener who can prove he or she already knows of this story (currently in the running (BY THE WAY) for Miette’s Top Short Fiction Find of the Decade, and how’s that for a reason to listen?). And how to prove this? I don’t know. Lie detectors can be beaten. FMRI scans are not inexpensive, and neither are my own telepathic services.

I’m willing to offer two dollars, then, one if you can prove you know tonight’s story before hearing it here, and another if you offer up a valid way to prove you did.

7 thoughts on “Except for the Sickness I’m Quite Healthy Now. You Can Believe That.”

  1. I’ve only just started this listening to this story, but it is an absolute pleasure. Well, it was right up until I accidentally hit the back button and it went away. Maybe I’ll try downloading this time around….

    Thanks for the reading.

  2. I think my brain exploded at some point during that story….
    Thank you for reading it.
    Now, to go detox my brain. 😉

  3. I’m utterly addicted to your podcast. I’ve turned some of my friends onto it as well. Such unique stories you bring to us…

    As I actually listen to your podcast at bedtime, you can probably take a thought to the dreams my subconscious assimilates after the bizarre imagery that you offer through the literature you read.

    This one “Except for the Sickness…” is one of my favorites just now. And the one about the cats singing in the tree… I can’t recall the title offshot, but I’ve been eyeing my cat suspiciously ever since. 😉 Hope all is well and I look forward to your next choice of words.
    – Amarie

  4. I think my brain exploded too! Of course, it is a bit atrophied from all the tissue culture (which is monotonous as ever).

    I have to admit, the stories like this one and like My Bludgeon and the Bobbed White, have me chuckling to myself, amused, but completely confused. Is the narrator having hallucinations? Is this some sort of alternate reality where people generally do transfigure themselves into birds?

    I wish there were some sort of “Literature for Dummies” online remediation course to explain it all to me, since I am one of Those Who Take Things Too Literally. I loved listening to this story because I found it funny, but what is it really about?Thoughts?

  5. I think my head exploded after I pictured the varicose veins!

    I don’t know. Is it really possible to use that much symbolism and still get some kind of meaning out of it?

    Let me think some more…

    blue, falling, birds, giant paintings, people looking,


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