The Necrophil

While I suspect that some of you might be nursing a yen for happy wishful and firmly resolved pick-me-up for annus novus, be warned that it’s not going to happen with today’s story, with which you should prepared. If, on the other hand, you need a story in preparation for dirtying your hands or drinking too much, consider yourself In Luck.

2 thoughts on “The Necrophil”

  1. Oh no, is the last line of the story cut off? Nice choice of story, though. I’m sure I’ll be thinking it over again in my dreams tonight!

  2. Hey, you’re right! What a dommagerie. Here you go.

    Last line on podcast: “Doña Micaela, drawn away from life by her passion, to join her lover in the lonely paths of nothingness.

    (And the story continues…)

    After all, not everything in love is obscene.”
    – “And you say that she is all right now?”

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